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Sanglee Wong, CFA®, CFP®

Sanglee is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planner Professional, Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder, and founder of Mercury Financial Advisors. She has been practicing fee-only financial planning in the Capital District of New York since 2012.

Born in Brunei Darussalam — situated on the northwestern edge of the island of Borneo, Sanglee has lived and worked in many countries. She received her BSc in Chemistry from Kings College, University of London and holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Okayama University, Japan.

She received training in personal financial planning through the College of Saint Rose and specialized training in financial planning techniques through the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP).

Before becoming a personal financial planner, Sanglee was a business and operational financial analyst at Intel Japan, an equity research analyst at Nikko Research, and an equity institutional salesperson at Nomura Securities International.

Sanglee tries to give back to the Community. She is a member of the Chinese Community Center where she was the comptroller, and created an after school cultural enrichment and educational program for the children. She does volunteer tax preparation for the indigent, and counsels students on college applications. In the past, she was a committee member at the Festival of Nations- a cultural heritage celebration.

She lives in Albany, NY with her husband, Rick who is a managing attorney for the State of New York in the area of social services. During their free time, they enjoy gardening, entertaining, yoga and home repair.


Professional Credentials:

Sanglee, a Fee-only financial planner and advisor, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of New York. She holds a Master’s in Economics from Okayama University, Japan, and a B.S in Chemistry from Kings College, England. 

Prior to becoming a financial planner, she worked as a self-employed trader for her own account.  She also worked as a Financial Operations Analyst at Intel Japan, as an Equity Research Analyst at Nikko Research Center and as an Institutional Equity Salesperson at Nomura Securities in Singapore and New York City.

She is a member of the CFA Institute—a global community of investment professionals dedicated to promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society. 

She is also a member of  ACP – The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners—a community of fee-only financial planners focused on holistic planning strategies geared to help clients create true wealth.

She is trained in preparation of FAFSA and CSS Profile applications, and works closely with parents and students to outline a plan to pay for college.

1. Tax-Focused:

We guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your cash flow and keep you on track to your financial goals. We deploy tax-efficient investing strategies whenever possible to maximize your investment returns.

2. No Product Sales:

Our fee-only approach means you get objective advice, not a sales pitch. We do not accept commissions or any other outside compensation. We are compensated for our services solely by the fees you directly pay to us. We focus on the best solutions for your needs; another word for that is “Fiduciary”. We put your interests first.

3. No Custody:

An unusual feature of our practice is that we never "touch" your money. We help you manage the accounts yourself. You retain complete control over your investments at all times.

4. Holistic Approach:

Your financial life involves more than just the stocks, bonds and mutual funds in your portfolio. We consider all aspects of your financial picture and offer guidance with insurance review, real estate, estate planning, tax planning, goal setting and others. Investment decisions must take into account careful tax planning as well as estate and insurance planning. Our holistic approach ensures that our recommendations take into consideration the effect that they will have on all other aspects of your financial life, and that your financial plans are comprehensive and integrated.

5. Personalized:

No two clients are exactly alike, so your financial plan should be as unique as you are. After getting to know you and your goals, we take the time to develop a plan together and educate you along the way so you can better understand what is happening to your money.

When Working With You, I Pledge To Be:

Holistic in outlook. I will consider all of your circumstances, family needs, goals, values, and aspirations when making comprehensive financial planning recommendations.

Professional in conduct. I will protect your privacy. I will strive to maintain the highest ethical standards possible in my work and life. I will continually enhance my skills and credentials through continuing education, and I will refer you to other professionals when you need help in an area outside my expertise.

Educational in nature. I will guide you through your options and explain them clearly to help you make the best choices. I will always take the time to make sure you understand my advice.

Independent in compensation. I will never sell you a product nor will I take a commission or a referral fee from another professional. You will receive objective, unbiased advice from me.

Committed to your success. Holistic financial planning is a process, not an event, and I commit to adjusting your plan as your life goals change.

Our Investment Philosophy:

At Mercury Financial Advisors, we focus investment advice on each individual client’s unique situation. We do not believe in market timing or day trading. We believe that diversification and proper asset allocation are key factors in client’s investment success. In making investment recommendations, we maintain a balance between stock, interest earning, and real estate investments. The most important determinants in our investment recommendations are the clients’ goals and objectives, time horizon, risk aversion and investment experience. In addition, another primary concern in asset allocation is the maintenance of proper liquidity. An individual should maintain enough liquid reserves to be adequately prepared for a financial catastrophe e.g.—the stock market crashes on the same day that you lose your job. If assets are properly allocated and adequate liquidity is maintained, the damage of these occurrences can be minimized.